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Golf Ball Recyclers Profit during Economic Downturn

They"re On the Ball 

Golfers are looking to save a dime anyway they can in a tough global economy. They want to pinch their pennies, but still indulge in their need to swing, putt, and drive. Golfing fever during a recession translates to big money for a secret little golfing niche: the recycled golf ball industry.
Some of the golf ball recyclers cannot keep up with the worldwide demand. Recycled and refinished golf balls offer one way to lower the cost of the game. Refinisher Tim Deighan of Sunset Golf in Ohio said, "It is nice to see that as many companies are shrinking their workforce we are able to expand to accommodate golfers and retailers demand for our products. Manufacturing jobs have been tough to maintain in North America, especially in central Ohio, and but we appear to be bucking the trend by putting out a quality name brand remanufactured product at value pricing ... perfect for this economy.-
A Group Effort
To capitalize on this trend, three companies have already formed a strategic alliance that will enable them to have major growth in the recycled and refinished golf ball market. Sunset Golf of Ohio, Sunshine Golf of Arizona, and Knetgolf of Toronto are going full steam ahead to recover, produce, and market recycled and refinished golf balls across the globe. They currently market and supply the product under the trade name GolfBallsOnly to retailers in North America and to wholesale customers in Germany, Norway, Korea, Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, and 12 other countries ( 
Knetgolf CEO Gary Shienfield believes the consolidation of his company with the two others will make for better service in the end. "This alliance gives us three warehouses in two different countries from which we can ship to our growing customer base,- Shienfield noted. They have had to hire additional skilled labor for a second shift to meet the growing demand. The response to the price points for recycled balls has been better than imagined. 
It seems the best way to keep people on the putting green may be to save them a little green in their wallets.
By Neil Whitehall
Get Golf Jobs, Contributing Editor

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